Why Do We Need to Focus on what we EAT?

Why Do We Need to Focus on what we EAT?

Expert Eric Edmeades Talks. Natural Health

“Success, in life, is most easily measured by the number of days you are truly happy.” ― Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades, the creator of Mindvalley’s WildFit Quest, will change your relationship with food. Cravings will disappear, weight loss will come easy, and you’ll feel healthier than you’ve ever felt before.

Why Doctors Want to Prescribe WildFit

Eric Edmeades might just be the most exciting man you could ever meet. He’s trekked through the jungles of East Africa. He’s spoken on the same stage as Tony Robbins and U.S. Presidents. And he’s a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, and world-class health expert.

Now he’s ready to overhaul the medical and food industries.

When I meet Eric one late morning in San Diego, he’s so earnest, interested, and genuine that I like him within moments. His beaded necklace reminds me of a modern-day Indiana Jones. It’s fitting because he often goes on anthropological expeditions in Africa to find out how early humans ate and lived.

Eric Edmeades has taken several trips to Tanzania to meet the Hadza tribe, one of the last hunter-gatherer societies on earth. He trekked through the East African terrain for 27 miles and then repeated the mileage the next morning. After the hunting expedition, he realized that every member of the tribe was fit.

Eric Edmeades with the WildFit Team and the Hadza people of Tanzania.

And what was the reason?

Their diet supported their active lifestyle.

They wouldn’t have been able to walk 20 to 30 miles every day if they were drinking Coca-Cola and eating McDonald’s. They ate foods like vegetables, fruits, and meats to fuel their energy.

Eric’s program, WildFit, is based on what he’s learned through experience and research. WildFit is a powerful health methodology that uses behavioral psychology and evolutionary science to change the way you eat.

It’s by far one of our most popular Quests.

Over 3,000 people have taken Mindvalley’s WildFit course in the last 12 months to change their health trajectories. They have lost an incredible amount of weight, relieved themselves of symptoms, and reduced their dependency on prescription medicine. Needless to say, WildFit reviews are outstanding. (Watch the Masterclass with Eric Edmeades and Vishen Lakhiani here.)

“How did you come to be a legendary health expert?” I ask him. “What made you decide to design WildFit?”

“Like a lot of things, it happened by accident,” he answers with a grin. “I might question legendary but still” — he gives a small laugh — “from a health perspective, I was one of those kids that were just sick all the time.”

At 21-years-old, he was suffering from such severe cystic acne that it was painful for him to laugh, smile, or turn his head.

His throat infections were so debilitating that doctors suggested removing his tonsils. His stomach cramps were so intense that it was almost impossible for him to think.

But, he was inspired by Tony Robbins and a good friend of his, Tim Ames, to try a 30-day experiment to change his eating patterns. Instead of ingesting processed and sugary foods, he returned to the natural foods of our ancestors, like meats and vegetables.

Poison disguised as food.

In about 2–3 weeks, he woke up to find his acne gone, his stomach cramps gone, his throat infections gone. He had lost weight and gained more energy.

After that, he realized that he couldn’t end his “30-day experiment.”

He wanted to know why the doctors hadn’t suggested he change his diet. They had been writing prescriptions for the short-term and suggesting surgeries for the long-term.

“At that point, I started asking some of the doctors I knew, including the members of my own family, how much time they spent studying food when they went to medical school.”

As it turned out, the answer was none.

And in modern times, the unexamined diet is a massive problem. The annual global cost of obesity is 2 trillion dollars — more than the combined costs of war, terrorism, and armed violence.

At this point, Eric says that the food manufacturing and marketing industry is more evil and manipulative than the tobacco industry.

“The problem is that the food industry, the pharmaceutical companies, and the medical industry are based on profitability, not on the quality of life.”

And then, one day, he was on the plane, reading a magazine story that mentioned that elephants in zoos were not living as long as elephants in the wild because they weren’t eating right. It occurred to Eric that like every other species on earth, humans must also have a specific diet.

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