Important ingredients of Mediterranean food

Mediterranean food is full of fresh vegetables, tender meats, and a wide range of tastes.

Experts however have defined three core ingredients that all the different regions have essentially built their cuisines on olives, wheat, and grapes.

1 – Olives

Olives have been grown in the Persian region for thousands of years. Today, a staggering 95% of the world’s olives are grown in the Mediterranean area.

This has led to olive oil becoming synonymous with Mediterranean cooking, and the go-to cooking agent over butter, fats, and other oils.

3 – Grapes

Lastly, there’s a reason wine is the drink of choice for many Mediterranean countries: grapes.

Persia’s position near the Black Sea provided the perfect climate to grow grapes. Evidence suggests grapes have been grown there for at least 8000 years.

But it was the Italians, several centuries before the birth of Christ, that first began using grapes to make wine.

Today, grape production here is pretty much only for wine. And nearly 40% of the world’s wine comes from Mediterranean countries.

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